Jailbreaking itouch 2.0

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Apple is cracking down hard on jailbreaking since the new atv 3 (1080p) came out by not signing previous versions of the ios.

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Psvita hacker theflow, known for his work on vitashell, has been recently investigating some psp emu hacks on the ps vita. It appears to users as a network of individual computers. Blacksn0w will unlock iphone 3g and iphone 3gs, if you are an iphone 2g user then geohot has provided the following instructions:. Cleanupdatadalvik-cache. If the isindex jailbreaking itouch 2.0 is set and the first string in strings does not contain a (u003d) character, insert a (u003d) character at the start of the first string in strings.

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